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When you choose Bow Tie Weddings to create your wedding video you know that you will receive a video that will beautifully tell the story of the day. We craft together the spoken word, the music and the visual elements to deliver your day in a way that you will treasure always. As much thought goes into the editing stage as goes into the actual filming and it is this that really stands us apart. Have a look at our examples here to get a true feeling of what we can do for you, and don’t forget to have a read through some of the testimonials to see what our clients think.

We hope you like what you see – do contact us for a chat about how we can help you – 07940 359555 or email here

How it Works

Bow Tie Bucks Wedding Video

Every wedding is different. We like to meet beforehand (in person is best, but Skype can work too…) to discuss ideas and to make sure that we get along and can share our ideas on how the video will work. There are lots of options and it’s great to agree in person before the big day so that we can make the filming as seamless as possible.

What music are you considering for your wedding?

Will you have live music? This is great to feature on the video

Will people special to you be speaking on the day?

Let’s not forget the speeches

What is important to you?

  • To see the bits you miss on the day
  • Coverage of ALL the guests
  • Specific people to include
  • Focus on the bride and groom

What are your ideas?



What We Do

How we work to make your video special

What we do Bucks wedding video

The Sequins

Giving your video the “Wow” factor

Bucks Videography Extras

Some of our Work

Examples of the types of video we create for you

Bucks Wedding Videographer

Spoken Word and Music

Adding that Special Ingredient

What we do bucks wedding videos


“Andy produced a video of a wedding I attended recently. He perfectly captured on video the warmth and happiness we all felt for the wedding couple during the service and reception. I particularly liked how we heard strands of conversation by the couple played across appropriate parts of the video as this made it very personal to them and gave the viewer an insight into the depth of their commitment. A wonderful day captured with clear footage and creatively produced into a magical wedding video.”

Nicky, Chearlsey

“Andy produced a wonderful video recording of our daughter’s wedding. It was beautifully constructed, capturing the essence of all the key moments and done in a totally unobtrusive way. It was quite enchanting and a recording we will always treasure.”

David, Haddenham

“Andy did our wedding video in April this year, and we were extremely impressed with the result. It was a beautiful video, with a mix of all of the best bits of the wedding, edited to create the story of the day. The video incorporated readings and hymns from the wedding, as well as some ‘behind the scenes’ footage, which gave a depth and authenticity to the video that I don’t believe we would have got with any other videographer.”

Oli and Marie, Sheffield

“We have had wonderful customer service from Andy. He is such a friendly professional, everyone is so appreciative of the video.”

James, Haddenham

“Andy made a fantastic wedding video for my husband and I which perfectly captured our day and in particular all the things we missed! He was easy to deal with, friendly, and really reasonable compared to other videographers we looked at. We’re thrilled with the resilts and have a beautiful lasting memory to treasure – we thoroughly recommend him!”

Sally and Tom, Bristol

“We were absolutely delighted with Andy’s wedding video for us. He captured the day perfectly and the final product was just what we had hoped for. He went to great lengths to personalise the video, which included doing a separate recording of some music which had been composed for us. It was also an absolute pleasure to have him with us on the day and I would have no hesitation in recommending him. I know that two of my friends have already booked him having watched our wedding video! Thanks again Andy.”

Sarah and Ed, Bristol

“Just watched it! How wonderful. Such a great recap of the day. I’ll need to watch this again… and again….”. “Didn’t Andy do a superb job. When I saw it was only 11 minutes, I thought “You can’t get everything in in 11 minutes”, but he did.”

Wedding Guests, Sheffield

“What was very special to me were the voice overs and music. The stories were so lovely and moving, the interception of Bernard’s reading so well done and Charlotte’s singing so so beautiful. And as for the speeches, they were as brilliant and as funny as they were on the day!! What a weekend, what a treasure.”

Jane, Haddenham

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